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About us

"Dimago 1" Ltd. was established in 1999. in Gorna Oryahovitsa with main business idea - marketing and distribution of confectionery goods. We have our own warehouse area 800sq. m and employed several ancillary rooms. The company fleet consists of 12 trucks and 7 commercial vehicles that meet all requirements for transporting confectionery goods.

Leading business principles for us are: honesty, loyalty and good customer service

Developments in the "Dimago 1" Ltd.:
- Based on long experience of working with some of the best - established Bulgarian manufacturers of confectionery goods and effort in meeting the needs of our customers, "Dimago 1" Ltd. creates its own range of products meeting the interests of the Bulgarian consumer.
- The company provides good logistics and distribution to 230 big customers.
- "Dimago 1" Ltd. works successfully with a big network of stores.
- Import and distribution of goods from leading European manufacturers.

"Dimago 1" Ltd. will continue to work and develop in the name of our customers!